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Every song has a unique story to tell, and we want to help bring that story to life. We understand that you have a vision for your music, and we're here to work with you to make that vision a reality.


Our session musicians are creative, experienced, and technically proficient. They have the skills and experience to understand and support your musical vision.


We can work with anything from a simple guitar and vocal recording to an entire album with studio musicians. And if your style requires programmed tracks, we can do that too! 

Bring your songs and imagination and we'll guide you to create a polished track that's ready for radio and streaming distribution. Together, we can help you succeed in the competitive music industry.

SDR Singer/Songwriter - Budget
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Above is a montage of many singer/songwriters recorded here. In each, the singer plays guitar or piano and it would be recorded and mixed in about two hours. Some have another instrument or two thrown in. As you will hear, these are all suitable for distribution or airplay.
Making fully produced tracks will give you a truly competitive sound. Read below to learn more about session musicians and and/or include electronic programming.

Rates for recording are $88 per hour including engineer


Recording with Studio Musicians

You've heard our studio musicians on many TV shows and radio, and you can have them with your songs also. Not only do they know the sounds, grooves, and arrangements, but they have also been on the production teams for many hit songs.

For many songwriters, the idea of using session musicians seems daunting. What we hear most often is... "Will they like my songs? Will they care about my music? Will I feel put down or feel inferior? Can I afford them?"

We bring in session players who are easy and relaxed to work with. They bring a wealth of creative and technical experience AND understand that it's your song and your vision.

They are almost all full-time players with years of live and studio experience. Some have spent thousands of hours in studios and won awards for their work.

For more about our musicians, check out the 'OUR PEOPLE' page.

Even though they add a cost to the project, we have never had a client who has regretted it. 

Almost all projects begin with a simple recording, and then we expand it. So we can stop at any point and have something that sounds finished and releasable.

Singer-Songwriter from beginnings to

Rolling Stone Magazine

Montana Sharp has been writing music for a number of years, and on the advice of her singing teacher, she came along to the studio to observe a few sessions. Actually, quite a few.

One day she said, let's book musicians and make an EP, and so we did. Now she's in Rolling Stone Magazine!!!

It has been exciting working with Montana Sharp. She has taken every opportunity to fill the gaps in her knowledge, and this effort has paid off. We're already hearing her on the mainstream airwaves.

Rolling Stone Magazine

"The latest single from rising Melbourne talent Montana Sharp, “Power” is just as explosive as its name suggests." 


Tyler Jenke - Rolling Stone Magazine

Montana Sharp Rolling Stone Magazine.jpg
Songwriter with the session musicians

Rose Zita Falko hit the top 20 of the iTunes Country Charts with the very first song she recorded. Rose is pictured here with Jason Vorherr, Peter Maslen, and Emilio Kormanic; three of our regular session players. Click 'OUR PEOPLE' to learn more about the people that work here.

Brendan McMahon wrote about making his first-ever studio recording in 2014. We asked if we could publish it here and he said yes. He's now making his 6th album at Soggy Dog.


I’m an amateur singer/songwriter/guitarist. In early 2014 I was looking for a quality studio to record 5 or 6 songs that I had recently written. Although I have a small home studio to record my song ideas, I found that I didn’t have either the equipment or engineering skill to get a high quality production for my tracks. I started looking for studios and came across Soggy Dog Recording.

My initial idea was to get a quality recording of just my acoustic guitar and vocals, so I called Soggy Dog and spoke with Steve Vertigan, the owner of the studio. After chatting with Steve for a while I asked him if I could sit in on a recording session to gain a better understanding of the process of recording. I attended a recording session where a similar type of musician was putting the final touches on an album and I was more than impressed with the quality of the recording… it sounded like a “bought one”.

Steve advised me of the many options available to me through his studio and the contacts he’d built up over many years and this really got me thinking about the opportunity to expand my original concept of a handful of acoustic tracks to a full professional release.

It soon became obvious to me that through Steve’s long career in the music industry he’d built relationships with some of the finest session musicians in the country and that these musicians were available to me if I wanted to go down this path.

At first, the concept of having session players come in and play on my album was very daunting and somewhat intimidating, after all, these muso’s have played with or in bands such as The Angels, Boom Crash Opera, Little River Band, Jimmy Barnes, Kylie Minogue, Human Nature… the list goes on and on.  My initial thought was that the musos would take one listen to my songs and walk out!
On the morning of the first recording session with the guys, it’s fair to say that I was somewhat nervous about meeting them and playing my songs to them… through my ignorance, I assumed they would look at me as a rank amateur, I could not have been more wrong. They were very accommodating and had a keen interest in my music… above all they were just nice, easy-going guys that love creating music.  They take ideas, regardless of how basic, and develop them to the best of their (very competent) abilities.

I’m now on my second album with Soggy Dog Recording studio and continue to utilize the expertise of Steve and the session players. I have built some great relationships with the musicians I record with and I think they are genuinely excited to come and record on my albums… I plan to record many more albums at Soggy Dog.

I cannot overstate the role that Steve has played in my recording projects. Without Steve’s experience over many years in the industry, the relationships he has built with the many musicians available to the studio, and even more importantly, Steve’s easy-going, supportive and mentoring personality, I would probably still be recording basic acoustic tracks in my lounge room. I strongly encourage you to give Steve a call if you’re looking for a professional quality recording.

Brendan McMahon



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