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Services for Schools

1.  Studio recording and mixing of soloists, small ensembles, contemporary bands.

2.  On-location recording of concert bands, orchestras, choirs, stage bands, soloists.

3.  Workshops for students on all aspects of music production, including songwriting, arrangement, tone, balance, rehearsal and preparation, studio techniques.

4. The studio is a terrific way to support your teaching and celebrate your students' work. 

Why use Soggy Dog Recording?

Steve Vertigan - Owner of Soggy Dog Recording

  • Principal Clarinettist and Pianist in the Australian Army Band (Melbourne)

  • Founder and Music Director of the Victoria Police Band - 'Code One'

  • Teacher at Canterbury Girls' Secondary College (Music Coordinator), Eltham College (Head of Woodwind/House Master), Scotch College, Balwyn High School, Box Hill Senior Secondary College, Lakeside High School, Ivanhoe Grammar, etc...

  • Eastern Metropolitan Region (Dept. of Education) Music Technology Expert for 11 years

  • Author 'The Greatest Ever Improve Your Singing Book for Contemporary Vocalists'

  • Author 'Blues Plus', a beginning improvisation method for students playing around 3 years or more

  • The writer of Contemporary Popular Vocals (VCE Unit 4) for the Board of Studies, Victoria

  • Clinician at many state-wide music education conferences

  • Steve holds a current Police Check and Working with Children Pass

  • Years of experience in the recording studio on both sides of the glass

School CD Projects

School CD Electives

This track presents short excerpts from various school CD projects. The majority are songs written by the students and recorded in the studio in the same way that we would record a professional band. For rock bands, the drums, bass, keyboards, and guitars would typically be recorded first, then lead vocals, solos, and backing vocals. This provides many students with their first experience in a professional studio environment. It reinforces the need for learning parts and performing accurately to a click track. It also necessitates each student to know what each member of the band is playing, which provides them with an understanding of arrangement and consistency.

On Site Recordings

Large Ensembles

This track presents short excerpts recorded at schools of large ensembles. Some were from live concert recordings.
We can record with a multi-mic setup or a simple stereo mic setup. The advantage of the multi-mic design is the ability to bring out solos or strengthen a section lacking in numbers, such as clarinet or viola. We can also overdub additional parts if, for example, you have one trombone player but require three parts to be recorded. Works can be recorded in segments, or multiple takes can be recorded and edited to show only the best playing of the ensemble.


VCE Soloists

VCE Soloists

This montage presents short excerpts recorded at schools of solo VCE Unit 1-4 students. Some were made at the school and some in the studio. Although students can and do make recordings of themselves, there are many compelling reasons to record professionally.  

"Last week I took my two woodwind ensembles to Soggy Dog studios to be recorded. This was their first experience in recording. I was very impressed with the proficient yet relaxed atmosphere for the players.
The recording studio's setup was top class with the best equipment to help produce a fine CD.
Nothing was too much trouble to explain, go over, or re-record when necessary. The students were able to play their music with confidence knowing that in such a comfortable setting there was no need to feel insecure. This enabled them to really enjoy the experience and gain valuable insight to preparing for future recording sessions.
The efficiency by Steve and the first-class recording equipment and environment meant that every minute was productive resulting in great value both financially and finished product.
As an experienced musician and teacher, I would highly recommend Soggy Dog Recording Studio to any musician or group wanting a professional recording."

Liz Bennett  - Word of Mouth Online 


Rates are generally $88 per hour. On location may attract a setup fee depending on the requirements.  Soggy Dog Recording is committed to supporting education, so fees can be negotiated when necessary.

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