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Classical/World Samples
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The montage above presents around 20 short excerpts recorded at Soggy Dog Recording and mixed to each client's specifications. You will notice a wide range of acoustic spaces and different listening positions, from the feeling of being in an intimate room with the ensemble with a wide stereo image, to being seated in a hall or a cathedral. The tracking rooms at Soggy Dog Recording provide an acoustic that is adaptable to a wide variety of musical treatments. 

The studio is owned and run by Steve Vertigan, who was a full-time classical clarinetist for many years. Steve understands music theory, genres, styles, and instruments. He has professional knowledge of music from the renaissance through to contemporary composition and can read an orchestral score. He has performed at all of the major venues around Melbourne and Victoria and knows how music sounds in many venues, good and bad.

When we record at Soggy Dog Studio, larger spaces are emulated. Emulation is much more than merely adding a digital hall reverb, as some might think. Knowing how performance spaces modified sound, the walls, flooring, size, furnishing, and the listener's position to the ensemble inform the engineer's decisions on every aspect of the miking and placement within the spaces. 

In recent times Soggy Dog Recording has also recorded musical genres from Afghanistan, Argentina, Bolivia, Burma (Myanmar), Cook Islands, India, Iran, Mexico, Pakistan, Venezuela, and Vietnam. 

Recording on location is also a viable option. We know several suitable places, or perhaps you have a favourite performance space.

South African Kalimba player
Close up of hands playing a Kora
Indian man playing tabla
Mexican man with a guitar in the studio

Google Review

Cello, cellist in a dark studio

"I worked with Steve on my latest album, 'Remember, I am'. It was a fully scored neoclassical / post-rock work for multi-layered live looped cello. Because of the complexity of the project, I really needed to find a recording engineer who could fluently read music, understand and appreciate music theory and someone who had extensive experience/expertise within the classical genre, including mic'ing stringed instruments. Steve was a perfect fit and his studio and recording space gave an intimate and authentic sound/experience."

Kristin Rule

The Unconventional Cellist


Rates are generally $88 per hour. On location may attract an additional set-up fee.  


14 -16 Brooking St, Upwey, Victoria, 3158

Phone 0415 236 303


Mon - Fri: 10am - 10.30pm 
Sat: 10am - 5pm
Sun: negotiable

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