Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are one of the most rewarding services at Soggy Dog Recording. Anyone who plays an instrument or sings can take home a professionally recorded and mixed track or even an EP. Two hours is enough to produce a song or two; compiling only the best takes into a finished recording. We are experienced in helping the inexperienced take their first steps in the recording studio. So far, we've recorded everyone from an 11-year-old singer/songwriter, an 83-year-old pianist, family sing-alongs, clubs, birthdays, and those who deserve to be recorded.

The most popular vouchers are...

Two-hours $180 ($90 per hour)

Three-hours $264 ($88 per hour)

Six-hours $480 ($80 per hour)

Limited Special

3 x 8 hour band package $1,800 ($75 per hour)

Call Steve on 0415 236 303 to find the best voucher for your needs.

There are many ways to use the studio time. Here are the three most common...

Using a backing track

1. Purchase a backing track from one of the many backing track websites. Backing tracks are just a few dollars. The singer/instrumentalist can learn the song with the track at home before the recording session. This is the easiest way to make a recording. 

The montage below are singers either using backings or an instrumentalist they have brought along.

Gift Voucher Montage - Dec 2021

Singer plays guitar/piano

2. Many singers also play guitar or piano and can record all the parts. Instrumentalists can bring their own accompanist. Soggy Dog Recording owns a Yamaha C3 concert grand piano.

Two to three hours $176 to $264

Have a listen to the montage below of gift voucher recordings with the performer playing all instruments

Performer plays all instruments

Include a session musician

3. We can bring one of our session musicians to work with you. This is perfect for songwriters who may not play well enough to accompany themselves. For gift vouchers, we would generally make a guitar or piano accompaniment; however, it's easy to add other instruments. Check out just some of our musicians on OUR PEOPLE page.

Three hours including a session player from $324

Have a listen to the montage below of gift voucher recordings using a studio musician for accompaniment

Using a backing session musician
Female singer and microphone

Google Review

A fantastic afternoon at Soggy Dog Studios. Steve was very professional and made Lisa and Larissa very comfortable and they had the best day, lots of fun and sounded amazing. We will definitely be back. Cheers Steve

Caz Gibbons

Google Review

I recorded a song, as a gift for someone special, and having little singing experience (apart from a karaoke household!), Steve was very accommodating and friendly. He gave positive and constructive feedback to help me relax and he worked with my vocals. He charged very reasonably and knew how to make the most of your recording time. I felt so comfortable and as my first time in a recording studio, it was such a great experience. Highly recommended if you're a beginner, serious muso or just like giving things a go!

Dianne Pettenon

recording studio gift voucher recipients
A great pianist and in her 80s
family band at the piano


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