Drum kits and studio quality microphones


We've had so many great bands at the studio and can't wait to have more. The studio is not new, but this website is, and it's far from finished, so come back soon. There will be audio samples and much more information to help you prepare.  For now though...

Here are some options for bands. We're really talking rock/pop groups. 

Recording - Option 1

Make a 'live' recording with everyone playing together as you would at a gig. No need to play to a click, unless you want to. Even with a live recording, we can still rerecord individual parts if necessary. The advantage is that you play the same as in a rehearsal or gig. it's the way that you're used to. The big disadvantage is that many bands will fluctuate in tempo too much, making cutting and pasting and editing difficult and time-consuming. it should be more economical that the following options, but it often works out the opposite for many reasons.

Recording - Option 2

Record the bedding parts first. Concentrate on recording a tight performance of drums, bass and guitars, and/or piano together. This is best done with a click, and even better if everyone has practiced to a click. After the rhythm tracks are done, we record lead vocals, then solos, then backing vocals, percussion and anything else we've missed. 

Recording - Option 3 (preferred)

The same as above, but we record a guide guitar and vocal first to a click. This must be to a click to work. Then we continue as in option 2. The guides will be replaced with the final parts, but the rhythm section will have a better idea of the song form and dynamics. The advantage is that backing vocals for a chorus can be sung and corrected once and copied to other choruses. The same with bass parts, guitars, etc. But only if needed and wanted.


All equipment will be set up at no charge, prior to you entering the studio.

We're ready to make your demo, radio-friendly single, ep, full album, or a live set.

Call us on 0415 236 303 to let us know what you and your band need.

​$96/hour studio inc. engineer for tracking (recording)

$88/hour for mixing


14 -16 Brooking St, Upwey, Victoria, 3158

Phone 0415 236 303


Mon - Fri: 10am - 10.30pm 
Sat: 10am - 5pm
Sun: negotiable

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